Bungalow définition english

Bungalow définition english definition, a cottage of one story. A bungalow (from Hindi बंगला, "bangala") is a type of building, originally developed in the. Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. A small cottage by the sea in India is an example of a bungalow.

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The colonial bungalows of bengaluru

Bungalow définition english

Définitions Français: Retrouvez la définition de bungalow, ainsi que les difficultés. Dictionnaire, définitions, section_expression, conjugaison. Building, Architecture, British Empire( in India) a one-storied thatched or tiled. The definition of a bungalow is a small one story house. Define bungalow (noun) and get synonyms.

India surrounded by a verandah). British sailors observed back in the 17th century.

Bungalow style architecture

Bungalow définition english

A small little house in the jungle " bungalow in the jungalow" or in someones backyard where teenagers go. Bungalows are generally small in terms of square footage, but it is not. Across the world, the meaning of the word bungalow varies. Common features of many bungalows include.

Synonyms for bungalow at Thesaurus. My lodgings – a self-contained bungalow behind the house of a silent elderly couple. Derives from the Hindi word bangla meaning, literally, in the style of or belonging to Bengal. The mania for bungalows marked a rare occasion in which serious architecture.

Italianate, Second Empire, or Queen Anne in style). Devised by investors to profit from the ambitions of an exploding middle. Official site of Domaine de Chalain. May View the Best bungalows with Prices in Nuwara Eliya. And for those of us who were raised in them, bungalows will always occupy a place in. It was a type of housing that was first built in India for British subjects.

The British built small homes, bungalows, that imitated the style of home they had lived in while in the tropics either with the navy or the East India company.

Bungalow (noun) definition and synonyms

Bungalow définition english

Then you have cottages, bungalows and flats which serve an. Many people see cottages to be vacation homes, which I believe is a term that sprang up only in the. Opposite: Elaborate plaster brackets and arched plaster decoration in the. Opposite: An exuberant bungalow in Vancouver, British Columbia, displays wacky. English Cottage from Decorandstyle. Book your hotel in South Ari Atoll at the best price. The island features elegant beach bungalows and luxury over water villas.

Bungalows have been the butt of derision for decades. But the irony is that the British, in their modest, understated way, would actually prefer to. The biggest offer of bungalows and apartments surrounded by nature with extensive facilities. Enjoy a wonderful stay at Landal GreenParks. Black-and-white bungalows were originally built by the Public Words Department (PWD) of the British Administration for British expatriates in.

The bungalow style has its roots in the native architectural style of Bengal, India. During the late 17th and 18th century,the British colonial rule gained prominence in Bangalore. Spécialiste de la location de mobil home en France et en Europe, Mistercamp vous propose des vacances dans une sélection de campings haut de gamme! The word “ bungalow ” originates from the Indian word bangla, which in the 19th. Bungalows were created when British colonial administrators adapted the. THE BUNGALOW TYPE AND INTER-WAR STYLES. Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora offers an unrivalled collection of overwater bungalow suites, beachfront villas, fine dining and more in French Polynesia. This article (first of two) explores the conditions of the birth of the bungalow in Canada, since the.

There were a lot of bungalow estates built in the. Tired of excessive Victorian architecture and the.